MTB Development Team


Lars Filson

Name: Lars Filson
Instagram: soccerfilson 
Age: 19
Hometown: Ashland, Oregon 
Favorite trail: Moai to Hitt road

Lars already boasts an impressive mountain bike race resume focusing on Enduro and Downhill racing. He is a well-rounded athlete and was also the captain of the Varsity soccer team and a member of the Varsity state champion snowboarding team in high school. More impressive than his athletic accomplishments, however, is his volunteering and trail work experience. Lars spent his summers working with the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) building and maintaining trails all over Oregon and completed the NYC Backcountry Leadership Program, the highest achievement possible for a youth in the Corps. Lars is doing hard work with the groups that make mountain biking possible for the rest of us, and through his hard work now has a powerful voice in the forest service for the future of mountain biking.

How do you hope your riding inspires others:
I hope to inspire people by always being approachable, friendly, and stoked. Also I like to think that my Scandi-whips are pretty inspiring.  
What does the Turn Loose Devo MTB program mean to you:
The Turn Loose Devo team to me is an opportunity to work with a company that both inspires people and helps the future of the sport gain race experience and exposure. Getting to be a part of a team that is going to have great opportunities to grow and succeed this season is awesome and I cannot wait to see where 2017 takes Turn Loose and The Turn Loose Devo team!


Zach Waymire

Name: Zach Waymire 
Age: 18
Nickname: Z
Instagram: zach.waymire
Favorite trail(s): Hippy Shake, Toads, and Susanville Area

Zach already has already been racing for 5 years and is currently switching his focus from cross country to enduro racing. He uses his race experience to help young riders by volunteering as a mentor with a junior development team in Reno, Nevada. He’s also passionate about reaching his own goal of becoming a top pro racer.

How I hope my riding will inspire others:
I really hope my riding will inspire other young riders/racers to follow their dreams and that anything is possible as long as their willing to put the work, dedication and commitment in to achieve their dreams.
What the Turn Loose Devo Team means to me:
What the team means to me is the literal sense of "Turning Loose" and being able to expand more into the mountain bike racing world with great support! While being surrounded by great people.
What my goals/dreams that I have for the future:
What I strongly strive for in my future is to race professionally and later travel the world to ride or race 



Tanner Jay

Name: Tanner Jay
Instagram: tannerjay
Age: 22
Hometown: Auburn, CA
Favorite trail: "Predator" trail on Tiger MTN in Washington!

Tanner races downhill and enduro, but his main focus is travelling with his bike and inspiring and connecting with more riders all around the world. He’s worked hard and has already has sent himself around the globe with his bike, from Bali to Iceland. He wants to use the photos and stories of his trips to motivate more people to get out there and ride mountain bikes.

How do you hope your riding will inspire others?
I hope my riding inspires others to take the road less traveled. To never lose your sense of adventure and continue to push yourself outside your comfort zone. To continue to chase new experiences doing the things you love!
What does the Turn Loose Devo MTB Program mean to you? What are your goals/dreams for riding and your future?
To me Turn Loose means pursuing what you love. Turning loose on whatever your  passions may be. Getting together with a bunch of awesome riders and people for the Devo Team I am more stoked then ever for the future wherever it takes me!