We're going. Going. Gone.
Gone to a place of unbridled freedom. Slamming back sunshine and raising our glasses to the rising moon.

The wind in our faces, a 'do you trust me' flame in our eyes, and a savage grin the makes the steeliest of men feel nervous.

Caravanning along the wide open road. Choosing a destination, but knowing a different one may choose us. Mincing no words with haters trying to wreck our high as we motor along.

Our lifestyle is who we are. It's no more separable from us than our very own DNA. We breathe our lives. On the inhale, we fill our souls and expand our inner landscape with the current of life. On the exhale, we open our focus to endless possibilities and our arms to fellow travelers.

We find just as much joy in a wordless sunset shared with a friend as we do a night of burlesque gaiety.

We breathe competition.
We see no obstacles. The more formidable the terrain, the faster we push. We feed off of the burning in our lungs and the dirt on our tounges.

Others may think they're racing us, but in them, we see mere bystanders. Work ethic might be good enough for an office job, but out here, we judge our progress in scar tissue and wins.