Team Rider: Lars Filson

Lauren Gregg

I'm so excited to introduce you to our first Team Turn Loose rider- Lars Filson! 


Lars is an incredibly impressive athlete, both on and off the course. He's a perfect example of the drive, ambition, and passion that Turn Loose is all about, and I am so proud to have him on the team. 

A senior at Ashland High School, Lars already boasts an impressive mountain bike race resume focusing on Enduro and Downhill racing. He is also the captain of the Varsity soccer team and a member of the Varsity state champion snowboarding team! Did I mention he is also a talented artist? Talk about being well-rounded!

Even more impressive than his athletic accomplishments, however, is his volunteering and trail work experience. For the past three summers, he has worked with the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC), working with the Forest Service and BLM working land management and building and maintaining trails all over Oregon. Lars is doing hard work with the groups that make mountain biking possible for the rest of us. This summer he will complete the NYC Backcountry Leadership Program, the highest achievement possible for a youth in the Corps, giving Lars a powerful voice in the forest service for the future of mountain biking. 

We couldn't ask for a more perfect young athlete to represent Turn Loose. He's the future of our sport, and the future is bright. Welcome to the team Lars!  



Meets Lars!

Hi, I'm Lars Filson and I like riding bikes. 
Age: 18
Hometown: Ashland, OR.
Favorite food: Mac n' cheese or grilled cheese. Or dill pickle chips. 
Favorite rider: Brandon Semenuk or Ratboy. I have too many favorite riders. 
Favorite Turn Loose item: The Dirty Tongues Tee! Burning Lungs and Dirty tongues forever!
First bike: My first BMX bike was a Haro blend three, but my first real mountain bike was either a rigid Bianchi SISS or a Giant Reign. 
First race: Spring Thaw DH, Ashland Oregon in 2012. 
Favorite trail: Too many to name... Almost anything in Ashland like Catwalk, Links, Bull Gap, Offshoot. Or the trails in Shasta. 
Proudest moment: I was pretty proud of being state runner up for banked slalom my junior year. Or being a part of the squad to win three snowboarding state championships in a row.
Who do you ride for: Ashland Mountain Adventures, Kona NW, Ride 100% goggles, Deity, Galfer USA, and Turn Loose. 
Biggest influence on riding: Either Ashland Mountain Adventures or Noah Catropa. I don't think I would be riding bikes without Ashland Mountain Adventures. They do so much to bring the community together and to make mountain biking accessible for everyone. I will forever be grateful for Bill and Sue. Also Noah because he pushes me everyday to ride faster. 
What does the future hold: I graduate from Ashland High school this on June 3rdJune 4th I leave to go work for Northwest Youth Corps and complete my backcountry leadership program. Then I plan on racing and riding bikes for the rest of the summer. In september I move to Bend Oregon to go to COCC and study Forest Resource Technology or Wildland Fire Fuel Management. I plan on spending the next couple of years racing bikes and look forward to seeing where that will take me. 
Where can we find you: I'm on instagram @soccerfilson. You can find me either working in the backcountry on a trail crew, shuttling with Ashland Mountain Adventures, or racing select CES and OES races this season. Hopefully you will see me at some NAET races in the next year too! 


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